Introducing Connoisseur Wines

Do you want your customers to enjoy fantastic quality wine at affordable prices?

We import fine wine from around the world and deliver direct to the hotel and restaurant trade. We supply over 700 high quality red, white and rosé wines, luxury champagnes, specialist cognacs and vintage ports, as well as organic and biodynamic wines.

We understand that you need wines that will delight your customers. When you buy wine from us you can be sure of getting quality wine, individually selected from the best wineries. Our wines are exclusive to the licensed trade and corporate business - they cannot be bought in supermarkets.

What makes our wines so special?

Our wines come from the best wineries - all privately-owned and centuries old. For generation after generation, they have been producing impeccable wines using the highest quality grapes. The owners are passionate about their wines and a lifetime of experience goes into every bottle.

Organic and biodynamic wines

Produced in harmony with the environment, these wines are not exposed to chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides or herbicides. They offer a healthier way to enjoy wine and an interesting addition to your wine list.

You can talk to us

Not sure what to order? What will be most popular with your diners? Calls us and ask - we love talking about wine. And there's more. We'll happily provide mixed cases and deliver direct to your premises.